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About Best Online Forex Brokers

Who are we?

We get asked this question quite a bit, and we always start off by telling the person asking us who we’re not. For instance, we’re not expert Forex traders or shining light Forex gurus who know when the next Black Wednesday is coming. In fact, what you’ll never see on our website articles which sees us talk in detail about the Forex industry, nor will you find any articles about us rambling on about trading Forex. What will you find? It’s our goal to provide you with premier content from the real Forex trading masters. We scour the internet on your behalf, looking for the best Forex trading and Forex educational articles. We’re also in contact with some of the best Forex educators and market analysts in the business and we share their articles. This is what we do!

If you are to sum up what we are, then what we can tell you is that we are experts when it comes to identifying the pros and cons of Forex brokers. By us telling you this, you’re probably wondering how we can claim to be Forex brokerage experts. The reason is a simple one. We have dedicated our professional careers to understand which Forex brokers are good, bad and ugly. This is what we do. We have a series of questions we ask ourselves in relation to the Forex broker we’re reviewing, and we also have a series of questions we ask the broker themselves, then their traders. This is where we tell you that we’re also quite good at analyzing Forex brokers. Just from the sheer number of online forex brokers represented on our site, you can deduce this.

Thing is, we’re not done yet. In fact, we’re far from done! You see, our sole aim and goal is to be the hub where individual traders, including both beginners and seasoned pros from all over the world, overcome to in order to get the information they need on various Forex brokers. We want to provide as much information on Forex brokers so that a trader can make an educated decision whether or not to open an account with the said broker and to make a deposit. The good news is that we’re very near to achieving our goal!

Our Philosophy

When it comes to our philosophy, we’re firm believers that you’ve got to offer your customers value. Thing is, offering value is great, but you’ve got to continue to offer value in the form of a value ladder. This means continuing to offer value throughout the lifetime of your customer. By doing this, you ensure that you retain the loyalty of your customer. We’ve implemented this philosophy throughout our entire website. So then, what value are we offering you? We’re offering you the value of making an educated decision when it comes to finding the right broker. We’re offering you the value of reading a completely unbiased view on the brokers we review.

Offering an unbiased approach is key to our success and survival. By having a 100 per cent unbiased approach to every broker we review, we’re breaking down barriers other Forex brokerage reviews websites could only dream about. And before you ask, yes, we have received quite a bit of pressure from Forex brokerages throughout the world who believe our unbiased approach may damage their brand. We’ve been asked to change our approach and we’ve also been offered money to make changes to our reviews. Thing is, if we were to do that, we would become like every other biased Forex brokerage review website. Where’s the value in that?

Why We Are Different

UTH - That stands for Unbiased, Transparent & Honest. This is what sets us apart from the other Forex brokerage reviews websites out there who are intent on making a quick buck by reviewing an online Forex brokerage with a biased stance. The idea for our website came from reading biased reviews. We had been trading with several Forex brokers who had treated us quite badly, yet their reviews simply didn’t add up. We then reviewed what other traders were saying on forums about them and they were experiencing the same issues we were. Something wasn’t correlating. Being a person who is careful about risking my hard-earned money, I needed to find a broker I could trust. I didn’t want to fall into the same trap and make a deposit with a fly-by-night broker who was there one day and gone the next. Thing is, I became extremely frustrated from the lack of reliable information on the subject of which Forex broker was decent or not.

Having had some experience in the internet marketing space, it wasn’t difficult to see which websites were purely marketing sites. The thing is, the majority of them were and still are. Yes, there are now a handful of Forex brokerage review sites that contain unbiased data, but then again, these sites have banners of scam broker plastered all over them, which for me is a conflict of interest. There is a tiny minority of websites that offer truly unbiased reviews and don’t take the money of scam brokers. We view these websites as our true competitors and it’s our plan to outperform them. One thing that already sets us apart from our true competitors already is that we believe we are the only Forex brokerage review website that concentrates solely on brokers.

The Company

The Best Online Forex Brokers website is managed by VDO Enterprises, Inc., and we’re located in Chula Vista, CA, USA. We are a small, family-run business that has limited in resources and therefore progress on this website may not happen as fast as we or probably our website visitors would wish, but if you stay with us we believe you will be rewarded with the value which we intend to deliver. If there’s something you’d like us to provide, go ahead and send us a message through our Contact Page and let us know what you would like to see. We’re always taking requests from our readership and the more value we can offer you, the better it is for us and for you!